How to change password on Spotify

How to change password on Spotify

How to change password on Spotify, you put password on your account of Spotify. Now you forget the password and want to change it. Firstly you should open it in the browser as it does not work in laptop or mobile phones .

How to change password on Spotify

You should need to follow the following step to change the password of app.

Firstly open the Spotify app in a browser.

  • Open your account.
  • Tap on profile icon on right side.
  • Click on it an account option.
  • Then there is change password option.
  • Click on it.
  • Change the password.
  • And set the new password of your spotify account.
  • And log in onto your new password anywhere from mobile or an app.

From recent pass years the free Spotify premium app, does not allow you to change the password on mobile phone or laptop . you should need to open it in browser and reset what you want password through email by using following steps

How to change password on Spotify

  • In the text book first type your email address.
  • And then click in send option.
  • Then send an email with a submit I want to reset my password.
  • From email , enter into reset password.
  • Enter and suddenly rest the password.
  • Click on send option.

You can now log in anywhere with a new password, whether it’s on your mobile phone, laptop browser or any other device.

By using both of the two methods you can change the password of your app “Spotify”. app which give you millions of song with good audio quality. Plays as a background, while you can still use your other apps.

Keep your password saved in Cookies

When you first type your password in a app.

You are shown the cookies saved option in your mobile.

Cookies is a small text which you can saved on your mobile phone. And enjoy saving your all passwords without any worries of forgetting them.

When you next time enter password here cookie shows you the saved password and you just need to click on it and enter.

This s a good way to keep your passwords saved in your account and whenever you need you can see them and use them. they are without any error there.

What type of password you should use?

you should need to use password of capital letters , small letters and special word . passwords should contain 11 characters . password should be difficult so that Unknown does not trace you password . you should not use simple words, letters or your name , address or birthdates . you need to use difficult word that no one approach them easily .

What to do if you applying same password but not logged in ?

This happen when you apply too much time wrong password then using right app does not logged you in as it Unknown . it may due to you are using a small letters but you saved in large letters . its may due to your app is not updated . in that condition you should need to uninstall the app and then again install it and use then password again you are surely logged in If you are using the same or right password with same special words .

Should I delete the account if I forget the password?

You should first need to reset the password on all possible ways. Then if you not change the password you send an email to Spotify premium for help .through email they contact you and solve the problem . or if you ended on deleting the account you should delete the account by follow steps so no one log in your account in future.


How to change password on Spotify, You can easily change and reset your password on Spotify Follow all these steps to change your password.

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