how to get Spotify for free

How to get Spotify premium for free

How to get Spotify Premium for free, this is very easy purpose given below.

How to get Spotify for free

Can we use Spotify free for lifetime?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Otherwise, you have to be a subscriber to enjoy the amazing experience of offline streaming without any limitations, but now we also have ways to get free Spotify Premium.

You can get premium Spotify without paying. You can download music and audio tracks for free. 

Ways to free Spotify premium 

  • SPOTIFY KEEP Spotify music converter is a permanent solution that is safe and easy to control, but there are disadvantages that we have 30 30-day free trial.
  • Multiple Spotify premium free trial accounts are safe and free, but the main disadvantage is they are complicated to handle and operate.
  • Spotify MOD APK(premium unlocked) is very easy to install, but it is not safe and can be banned easily.
  • Spotify ++ is a great app and easy to find resources, but it gets revoked often.
  • You can also join someone’s family plan in order to use Spotify Premium for free. By this, you won’t need to handle it by yourself, but you have to depend on others. 

How to download Spotify premium for free

First Step

Open your Play Store or App Store and search for Spotify premium Spotify music converter and press download and then install. This app can be downloaded on Windows or Macbook, too, as both versions are available.

Second step

Once the downloading is finished, run Spotify and search for the song of your choice or select any album playlist or podcast you want to download. Right-click on it, then go to Share>Copy song link or URL.

Third step

Now, launch the converter.
Paste the link you copied on the search bar.
Click and add file.
You will find the music track start downloading.

Four Step

Then, choose output choices as MP3, MP4, WAV, or FLAC. It supports every format. Then click the convert button if it’s a single song, but if it is an album or collection, then click convert all.


By using the following methods, you can get Premium free on all devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

You can use a very safe and sound method of third-party downloader like Vizward Spotify music converter to download music tracks, audio files, and podcasts in MP3 format. It will allow offline usage.

It can allow you to transform the Spotify library or make personal space. This will help provide you with a sudden facility offering easy availability.

Remember one thing: we are not only interested in ad-free but also in offline downloads without paying anything, so we have to find different ways to download and listen to music for free without any premium subscription and internet connection.

Is Spotify free?

Yes, Spotify is basically a free app and is very trendy to use without any restrictions. It enables you to stream your most like music and songs for free Online. Still, if you want to enjoy luxury features like skipping of restrictions or offline listening, you have to subscribe to premium Spotify, which has different deals. Still, if you don’t want to spend money and thus want to enjoy it, you must try the ways I just discussed earlier.

The major difference between free and premium Spotify?

Free versions always have limitations. Update depends on your needs and choices. It is always worth upgrading to anything in your life if you love ease and flexibility in your life. By subscribing to the premium feature, you will be allowed to use your account on two or more devices.

All the other music apps have high rates as compared to Spotify Premium. If you want to ease in your life, you must subscribe to this premium Spotify. 

Sign up with Spotify free accounts

You can sign up with a new email address and start a free trial of Spotify Premium, whose validity will be of 3 months maximum. This process is very easy, and by following the instructions, you will have free access to premium Spotify content and features.

  • Safari search to Spotify web
  • Click Spotify Premium on the upper right side and choose a premium plan.
  • Click on sign up for premium Spotify at the bottom, then add a new email address and all the information required to complete registration and enjoy Spotify Premium for free.

This free time is always time-limited. You can repeat the same process with another email address or add a new payment method if you like the features.

Download spotify premium

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