How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

How To Connect Spotify To Alexa, Alexa is an abbreviation of Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. it is found on about 100 million devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers it is used for many different ways like to set alarms , check out weathers conditions, for listening music . To connect Alexa on Spotify you have to follow the certain

How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

  • Open the Alexa device app.
  • Tap on a more option and then go to setting options.
  • Go into the music setting.
  • Here you shown the Spotify free option.
  • Click onto it and connect to the Spotify app.

You can use different line to instruct Alexa device to play music.

You can say

Alexa “play the music of new singer”

Spotify Alexa “play my favorite playlist”

Alexa “play the english movie”

Alexa “play the latest episode of the crown”

These words u can use to give instructions to alexa.

There are many Alexa app which you can use for connecting with Spotify ++. Its include amazon echo, amazon tap .

For connecting Spotify with Alexa you should set Spotify premium as a default and then uses all the required steps which I discussed above.

For playing music:

playing music you are required to say “ON SPOTIFY” on the end of command .

What happen if your Alexa does not connect with Spotify

its because of slow internet connection . its may be due to not properly follow the steps or also due to not set Spotify as a default . you not give proper instruction to the Alexa app . your Spotify free premium is not working well and is slow as it required good internet connection.

Alexa features

Spotify Alexa can play songs what you want. It can control the colors and bright or dim of light in your room. Spotify Alexa make your work fun by working what you ask through your voice. It can switch song like if you are listening a song and your friend come and say change the song I did not like it Alexa frequently switch the into a new song .

Spotify Alexa give you feature that you can ask it to play the music in a room , a kitchen or living area like

“Spotify free Alexa play music in the dining area”

“Alexa play music in study room”

Alexa with Spotify

For connect of Alexa with Spotify you should have

  • First log in into a Spotify account.
  • You need an amazon enabled speaker.
  • And log in into Alexa account.

Sometime it happens that Alexa not play a song its due to further describe reasons:

May be you connect to the account that is not paid to cover this problem you need to connect first to the paid account . free account not show you every song which you want for it purpose you should connect with paid premium account.

Spotify premium cost per month

  • The cost for an individual for Spotify premium is about $11 per month.
  • And give an individual.
  • Without any add songs (no distractions)
  • High quality audio.
  • A proper control on shuffle of songs.

Spotify alarms

you can set alarms as you want to get up early with a specific song . by giving alexa command like this:

“alexa, wake me up at 4 :00am with a motivational song “

“Alexa, remind me at 9am with a musical tunes”

Spotify benefits

  • Free Spotify premium gives you the most recommended features or advantages.
  • They give me a popular podcasts of Obama and many others.
  • A  fans of PODCASTS never get hyper by their services.
  • It provide a person which buy a downloading options , ad free listening.

Can Alexa refer to different accounts?

Yes , there is no permanent add of an account . you can switch to some other account whenever you want . you can connect your Alexa with apple music, tidal, Deezer . For an i-phone user you can also connect Alexa with apple music which is an good alternative. 

Disconnecting your Spotify with Alexa

  • Its just a simple procedure required for it.
  • On Alexa app you are shown the currently linked services.
  • You just need to click on Spotify option and disconnect it with Alexa.
  • That’s it and now Alexa is disconnected with Spotify.


How To Connect Spotify To Alexa, You can easily connect your Spotify to Alexa to enjoy your real time.

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