how to see who liked your Spotify playlist


Lets first talk about who just liked your video is shown or not from now to 2013 Spotify free allow you to see who liked your playlist and video but now due to privacy issue it does not allow you to see the liked user but you can see how many people liked your video but their profile remains hide from you . you know what it shows everyone to see other people liked videos.

how to see who liked your Spotify playlist

There is an interesting way if you are stocking or interested that if someone liked your video or not you just need to follow the following steps :

  • Open the person profile.
  • Go to their liked videos.
  • If he/she liked so many find yours.
  • You can surely find your video if he/she liked your playlist or not.

You can think why Spotify premium did this its all for a privacy of a user. There is not short way or a cheat way to check it but you can see how many peoples follow you .

Can you use any shortcut to see who liked your video

No there is no way all the uploaded videos or articles are present which show this are fake and misguide individuals . spotify ++ itself remove this from 2019 to take good care of privacy of followers.  The other way you can do is you can comment and vote on spotify premium.

How to see who likes your playlist

It’s a simple way to check numbers of likes these following steps can be used for both iphone and android phones:

  • First, you will need to download the apps and then open them.
  • You see in left right corner just click on YOUR LIBRARY option .
  • You are shown which playlist you uploaded.
  • Select the one and open .
  • You are shown the no of likes displayed there.

Spotify limitations

Many users of Spotify premium wants to see who liked their videos and always searches from google their how they do it . but its all due to their policy but they are not compromising on privacy policy .

How I check  my Spotify follower

  • follow the below discuss steps:
  • open the app.
  • See the right side and choose spotify free premium profile name.
  • Open it and you see a large list here is yours followers.

Tips for increasing your likes and views

  • You can watch your own videos repeatedly so that it increase approach for other user to show your playlist . Be motivated and hopeful that you get likes and views keep going one day you achieve the things you are struggling for.
  • Be active on social media apps and circulate all your playlist to your friend circles, whatsapp groups and facebook this give reach to all your videos they open and like it which may increase your followers .
  • Make good quality videos work on your quality in most ways .

Interesting features of Spotify Premium

  • You can like song listen to them on good voice you can listen again and again . Run in a background .
  • You can mix the songs according to your choices of songs .
  • You can find new songs from here and be updated about new good voices coming here.
  • It gives you fresh tunes.

 Benefits of Spotify

  • Its gives you reach to many songs . you can listen as much as you want . there is no restrictions on it . you can enjoy it on speaker with your friends.
  • There is no adds likes all the social media platform. there is no wait for the songs to play. you want and you listen .
  • Gives you good audio quality there is no bumps in tune .
  • Gives Premium quality.
  • You get famous on it by getting so many likes .
  • It runs in background you can do all your works by listening to it on your phone . and put in a side so charging not get to low .


How to see who like your playlist you can see easily by these steps. If you follow these step you can see who like your playlist and view your playlist.

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