How to cancel Spotify premium

How to cancel Spotify premium

How to cancel Spotify premium, very easy way given below. There are some special popular singers who just left the Spotify premium due to which many people are disappointed and are cancelling the subscription and also leaving popular music streaming services

How to cancel Spotify premium

If you are a premium member of Spotify it doesn’t mean you have Tobe for a whole life you can unsubscribe it whenever you want .Spotify is available for free when you cancel the subscription.

Following are the step to unsubscribe premium subscription.

  • First you have to log in to your Spotify account which you have already downloaded.
  • Click on the title written as SUBSCRIPTION in the menu page on the left side of the page.
  • Here you will see the option change subscription or cancel subscription .
  • If you are a premium member you got an option of cancelling premium subscription.
  • Then Click yes , cancel.
  • Your account now shown as free account where you will get all the free services.

How to cancel premium subscription

  • To cancel your membership from Spotify go to the menu.
  • log in to your account.
  • click on plans you bought before.
  • check for available plans.
  • click on the option for change my plan.
  • Cancel premium subscription.
  • continue cancellation of Spotify premium.

Simple method

For simply cancelling the subscription in Spotify premium from website you just have to click you google or safari and enter Spotify website and log in to your account and click change of plan and click on the option for cancel premium plan and continue for further cancellations.

Cancel premium subscription on android and iOS apps

Following are the few steps to cancel premium subscription of Spotify app on both android and iOS

  • Click on the menu at the bottom right of your screen.
  • See all the available plans you can add for subscribing premium.
  • One the lower end of the page, click for change your plan.
  • Swipe up to the end of the page and click on the option for cancel premium plan under the Spotify free plan.

If you want to cancel, simply confirm your cancellation by clicking Yes.

After the cancellation of subscription there will be a short survey for you asking to describe the reason that why you want a need to cancel the premium subscription of spotify app

How to cancel Spotify premium

As you are not the member anymore and your subscription is vanished but you have an option to fill the survey or to skip it anyways. If you don’t have much time or you are in a hurry no need to worry just skip it either way but if you want to fill it answer the following and submit the feedback.

If you have an iPhone go to settings, tap your name at upper corner then tap on subscription to see what you pay via your account and click on cancel and you will successfully cancel the subscription for Spotify premium app.

Special note

How to cancel Spotify premium If you are cancelling the student discount offer you can not be able to apply for it again between 12months as it again requires verification and have specific periods.

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